How to install DIGICASH ?

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I did not receive the activation SMS, what should I do?2019-01-08T10:52:41+00:00

When you enter your mobile number, an SMS containing your activation code is sent to you automatically. Sometimes, it can take a few minutes depending on your network. If you have still not received it after a few attempts, contact your bank’s customer service. But be careful, the application is blocked automatically for 24 hours after 10 attempts for security reasons.

I forgot my DIGICASH PIN code, what should I do?2019-01-08T10:52:19+00:00

Your DIGICASH PIN is required to validate your transactions. If you have forgotten it, you will need to reactivate your DIGICASH app. To do this, go to settings in your DIGICASH app. Click on “Deactivate your app”. Then, reactivate your DIGICASH app.

My application has been blocked after 3 incorrect PIN code entries, what should I do?2019-01-08T10:51:52+00:00

You application is blocked automatically after 3 attempts for security reasons. To unblock it, you will need to reinstall your app as a new user.

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