Gartner recently published a research document entitled « Digital Wallets Lead Banks to Battle Card Schemes », published March 23, 2014, in which DIGICASH has been mentioned as an illustration of a networked digital wallet. The study aims at highlighting why and how banks should leverage credit transfer systems in order to maintain control over payment flows even though card networks have launched their own digital wallet solutions.

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The company recently published a research paper entitled “Digital Wallets Lead Banks to Battle Card Schemes”. The research was led by three of Gartner’s analysts – Christophe Uzureau, Alistair Newton, David Furlonger – and deals with digital wallet strategy for banks. They point out that “The use of credit transfer systems to develop online bank-enabled payment and the development of retail real-time payment solutions encourage the development of more bank-centric digital wallet models. These models are competing directly with card networks’ digital wallet solutions initially launched for e-commerce and m-commerce contexts.

The full version of the research document and more information about this topic is available on Gartner’s web site (subscription/account required) :