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Download your Digicash bank’s app

Digicash and  join forces.

From now on, pay mobile in Benelux

We started out small and local; now more than one in three residents pay with the Digicash application in Luxembourg. So thank you for helping us make Digicash successful! As you may know, Digicash and Payconiq joined forces. Thanks to this alliance, you can now pay mobile in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands with your Digicash by Payconiq app
A common denominator, Payconiq.
Payconiq is the 1st mobile payment service in BeNeLux which offers the same services as Digicash.
Do you have the Digicash by Payconiq, Payconiq by Bancontact or Payconiq app? Scan Payconiq QR codes with this app, in Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Scan Payconiq QR codes in the Benelux

Now you can pay merchants in Belgium and the Netherlands by scanning Payconiq QR codes.

Like the image on the left .. not bad right?

Send money to Payconiq users

Send money to your friends who use Payconiq in Belgium or in the Netherlands. They can also send you money with Payconiq.

PS: the feature to request money from a Payconiq user is not yet available.
Stay tuned.. 🙂

How does it work? There has been no change:

  1. Click send
  2. Enter your contact’s phone number
  3. Validate and it’s sent!

The good thing?
No need to download a new app, we took care of everything. The Digicash apps have had a makeover (cool right?).

You don’t have the Digicash by Payconiq app yet?

You can download the app through the App Store or Google Play.

ING Digicash will soon be replaced by ING Payconiq

Send also money to your friends in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Still have questions?

For users: contact us at hello@payconiq.lu or on +352 26 37 36 1.
For merchants: it’s here.

I have the ING Digicash app. What will happen to my app?2020-11-25T20:05:04+00:00

As of mid-January 2021, the ING Digicash app will become ING Payconiq.  We will keep you informed. Stay tuned 😊 If you have any questions, we advise you to contact your bank directly

I am a Digicash user, can I scan a Payconiq QR code?2020-11-25T19:48:21+00:00

Yes, now a Digicash user can scan a Payconiq QR code.

Will the Digicash brand disappear?2020-11-25T20:13:58+00:00

As a user, you will continue to use the Digicash by Payconiq app to pay in Luxembourg but also in Belgium and the Netherlands. Gradually, the Digicash QR codes will be replaced by Payconiq QR codes. This doesn’t change anything for you except the design of the QR code. You will now scan (with your Digicash by Payconiq app)  the Payconiq brand QR codes instead of Digicash.

Merchants will now use the Payconiq payment platform instead of Digicash. Thanks to this change of platform, customers in Belgium and the Netherlands who use Payconiq can pay in partner shops in Luxembourg. More information can be found here.

What changes for me as a Digicash user?2020-11-25T19:37:33+00:00

This new feature allows you to scan Payconiq QR codes in Luxembourg, Belgium or the Netherlands. You will also be able to send money to your friends or receive money from your friends who use the Payconiq application. However, the feature to request money from a Payconiq user is not yet available.

I am a Digicash user, can I send money to a Payconiq user? And receive money?2020-11-25T20:09:18+00:00

Yes, from now on a Digicash user can send money to a Payconiq user. This feature will be available for ING Digicash users during the month of January 2021.

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